Riviera Little League

Riviera Little League - South Torrance
2017 Spring Season
Riviera Little League is associated with Little League Baseball, Inc.
All children welcome League Ages 4-14
Players must live or attend school within Riviera Little League boundaries (South High School enrollment)

Division Information

NOTE: Little League International has changed the League Age determination dates.
Please make sure you register for your League Age.
To determine your player League age see the chart here:

Divisions Rules Early Registration Fees Early Registration Date Late Registration Fees
T-Ball League Ages 4-5
Divsion Details
$99.00 Feb 10th $149.00
International League Ages 5-6
Divsion Details
$179.00 Feb 10th $229.00
National League Ages 7-8
Divsion Details
$199.00 Jan 6th $249.00
Minor League Ages 9-10
Divsion Details
$219.00 Jan 6th $269.00
Major League Ages 11-12
Divsion Details
$219.00 Jan 6th $269.00
Intermediate League Ages 12-13
Divsion Details
$219.00 Feb 10th $269.00
Junior League Ages 13-14
Divsion Details
$199.00 Feb 10th $249.00
Fees include player's jersey, belt, socks and cap. Personal helmets are recommended for all players.

RLL Volunteer Duty Agreement

RLL requires volunteer duties and a deposit to cover them as part of registration.
Your volenteer deposit will be returned once you complete your duties.
All players registered for RLL must download, fill out and drop off the
Volunteer Duty Agreement form on the specified dates. Click below to download:
Volunteer Duty Agreement Form

National, Minor, Major Registrations and Evaluations

RLL requires all players in the National, Minor, and Major divisions
to register before January 6th and participate in evaluations.
After you are registered you must sign up for an evaluation time using your
Registration Number. Click below to sign up for your evaluation time:
Player Evalutions Sign Up Form

Click Here to Register

Click Here to Pay for Previous Registration

For more information see www.rivieralittleleague.org, call 310.375.1583
or contact the league president by email "president@rivieralittleleague.org".